Many stories behind this new blog…

First of all, many many years ago (when I was barely starting college –Yes! long time ago –,) I wanted to do tons of stuff: study, work, have my own shoe line/business, have fun & work on my future,travel — who doesn’t? — Among these things was to make my own Fashion Blog where of course I might be able to show my personal style, ideas & my point of view about fashion. Why Fashion? Let’s say that fashion has always been in my life, —more about that here –.

I did & I’m still doing all of those things previously mentioned except my fashion blog. I kept procrastinating for a long time because of time, work, studies and the list can go on and on.

When I moved to Bay Area, the technology fever invaded my  bucket list of things to learn.  –What was it?– CODING! Yes, Learn how to code! –SAY WHAT? Karla?! You doing that?, I can’t believe it is what my Family/friends/ & husband said. Long story short, I literally moved my? off to get scholarships. And I applied for an ADOBE scholarship , unfortunately they offered me a scholarship during a time when I was going through difficult  health bumps and sadly didn’t receive it ? –I could’t sleep for weeks of sadness, my poor of husband– After that, I gave myself a slap in the face –not literally– I put on my #girlboss/#ladyboss/#badasswoman jeans & I started to learn it myself ??.

I started doing small tests myself, after making a website for my husband –which is still in process- and finally stopped procrastinating my blog. Here it is….  My Stylosophy!!!

Hope you enjoy my space, looking forward to reading your comments…And Ey!! Let’s keep in touch.