How to Shop Smart

Once in a while, I like to go and dig into the sale rack.

You never know what kind of cool stuff you can find there. Am I right?

Being honest, I can’t stand a store full of racks and piles of clothes. Disorder gives me anxiety and it’s imposible for me to enjoy the experience.  But, if I have some time to kill, I’ll  go to the sale rack or to a vintage store.

How to know if the pice is worth it?

Most of the time I like to buy things that are unique or somehow weird. I mean, if you are going to spend your time and money there, It might as well be well spent. –Who else is with me?–

  • Make sure the fabric is in good condition and without threads out of place.
  •  Check that the garment has all the buttons  and the zipper works well.
  • If there’s something you think you can fix, you can ask if there is an extra discount. You may get it. –Btw. I learned this tip in the Rich Bitch Book, and it works.–
  • Don’t forget to try out the piece.

How to Style sequin pants.

It’s still winter and the weather in San Diego hasn’t been very nice since I moved back. As you may know, I decided to go with black so the  orange/copper pants can be the center piece of the look. The sequin pants have a little flare which makes them even better. I can also wear them with a pair of wedges for Spring Summer 2017.

Pairing up the look with a pleather jacket and a black Michael Kors purse. 

I always forget about the accessories, but lucky me, this day I remembered my Sweet 1985  bracelet. Same color as the pants.

What you girls/guys think about this look? Also, do you have any shopping tips to share with me?

KarlaVargas-BlackJacket-SanDiego-SanDiegoBlogger-StatementPantsKarlaVargas-BlackJacket-SanDiego-SanDiegoBlogger-StatementPants KarlaVargas-BlackJacket-SanDiego-SanDiegoBlogger-StatementPants KarlaVargas-BlackJacket-SanDiego-SanDiegoBlogger-StatementPantsKarlaVargas-BlackJacket-SanDiego-SanDiegoBlogger-StatementPantsKarlaVargas-BlackJacket-SanDiego-SanDiegoBlogger-StatementPants

Sequin pants on SALE