I bought it in India

Tree years ago, I visited India.

A country full of colors, culture and OMG! The food, is amazing!

In a few words, I can’t wait to visit again.

We spent a month in South East Asia, so we were basically back packing. Moving from city to city within days. Jumping from airplanes to taxis so we can get to our two days stay destination city.

As a woman who loves fashion, every time I have the opportunity to visit new countries and learn about cultures, I definitely have to have a garment from there. And I know I’m not the only one –Am I right?–


When I visit another country

I try my best to shop for something that reminds me of most of the experiences during that time.  And this Sherwani for women –If I’m not mistaken with the name—,

definitely reminds me of everything I experienced on this trip.

I’ll tell you why… We were in Varanasi, and I was truly shocked by that city.–Go ahead and google it.–

In front of our hotel was a little store which was also the house of the owners. A family with two kids a boy of 18 years and a girl. He was very talkative boy and she was a sweet girl. She even made us Henna tatoos and Chai Tea –The best I have ever tried.–

About this Sherwani Look

I know you won’t let me lie. But how beautiful are these colors?

The moment I saw it, it  caught my eye. Isn’t it so damn cute?!

The great thing about it is that:

  • The colors are perfect for the year round “summer” in SoCal.
  • I can wear it with every single color –YES to that!–
  • There are always people who want me to sell it. –Maybe someday I’ll consider it.—







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