Shoe Trends Spring Summer 2017

Talking about Spring Summer. A season we all are looking forward to. You know, –bare with me on this one.– Sunny day, blue skies, the heat of the sun on your body. A drink in your hand? You choose.

We agree that shoes are a crucial part to match this scenario.

This is why I’m going to break down some trends in shoes for Spring Summer 2017.

Square heel

This is a curious fact from my childhood. When I was like 7 years old, in my dads factory, they used to make a high square heel. With an Oxford detail type shoe. OMG! I was in love with those does, too bad for me I was too little to wear heels –Thanks Mom!.– But, yeah I was.

Reason why I love all the shoes with square heel.

Similar & affordable styles

  1. Metalic rose square sandals
  2. Black square heel
  3. Metalic blue ?
  4. This is a unique kind of  heel 
  5. Go green
  6. Flowers on your ?
  7. Thinking about buy these pair of sandals ? and these pair too 

Lace Up & Flatforms

We have seen the wrap up shoe or lace up since last year, and it’s certainly not going anywhere.

This type of shoe can give you the appearance of a long leg. It depends on the color of the shoe and what you are wearing it with.

Again, flatforms will still be around. Leather, pleater or silk.


These Black  Miu Miu  flatforms and Silk Miu Miu Lace Up Flatforms

  1. Similar styles  and still money in your wallet Black Flatform 
  2. Pink pouder platforms, lace up
  3. Army green color
  4. Black Flatforms
  5. Beautiful DELPOZO Flatforms


Similar to Aquazzurra sandals Black Lace Up  here

  1. Red Lace Up Sandals under $20.00
  2. Gucci inspiration sandals
  3. ????❤️ Colorful lace up Sandals
  4. Electric blue lace up ?