Bustier And Corset For 2017

This trend loved by many –and may be hated by others– 🤷🏻‍♀️ As I’ve mentioned lately in this post. I always buy buttoms but, —small detail— I forget about the TOP–story of my life– I find it very curious, that after the fashion stage most of us went through –which I also talk about HERE— Fashion is giving us a hand to put all our parts in place. –If you know what I mean 😜– There are a few things we should all know…


Difference between Bustier and Corset.

A corset… is a close-fitting piece of clothing.  That has been stiffened by various means in order to shape a woman’s (also a man’s, but rarely) torso to conform to the fashionable silhouette of the time. Read more here. A  bustier… Bustiers feature a built-in bra. They’re typically shorter than a corset, ending just above – or right at – the waistline. Typically, they are not designed to cover the hips. As I mentioned before, this trend is one of the biggest for Spring Summer 2017.     KarlaVargas-MyStylosophy-Bustier-Corset-SpringSummer2017-Trends2017

This Spring Summer 2017

We will be seeing bustiers and corsets represented in different ways. CLICK IN the links to see them

  1. The corset Belt.
  2. Lace-Up corset.
  3. Corset built in.
  4. Corset Tie T-shirt.



My Stylosophy Look

About this look. I have not bought any clothes this style –yet– But, this day I was curious in to pull something  that can represent this trend. I chose these pants with the flare details on the bottom, –to make it look a little bit more dramatic-– Yet, wearing a pair of pumps –you can buy here–. And of course my “DIY” corset. — Which is obviously a scarf tied to my torso. So, I don’t know. How you feel about this trend? Can’t wait to hear your comments. KarlaVargas-MyStylosophy-Bustier-Corset-SpringSummer2017-Trends2017 KarlaVargas-MyStylosophy-Bustier-Corset-SpringSummer2017-Trends2017 KarlaVargas-MyStylosophy-Bustier-Corset-SpringSummer2017-Trends2017