Marissa Webb

Paper-Bag Waist Style

One of the Spring Summer 2017 you should try.

Those who know me well –my mom, sisters and Ricardo– know I love this style and this type of pants/trousers.

Wide-leg cuellotes, straight leg pants, skirts that emphasize the silhouette. That’s MY JAM!

Spring Summer 2017 Paper Bag Waist

We have seen this trend for a couple of months already. But this 2017  is here to stay and it’s BOOMING!

My perspective of this style it’s like when Christian Dior came out with the NEW LOOK.

You know, waistline. Emphasizing the silhouette and volume in the bottom.

This time the other way around, still small waist some  volume at the top and playing in the bottom.

–You know what I mean?–

The loosely dropped fabric apart from being completely comfy. –It also helps to cover your stomach when you eat more than usual, it helps me. 😜–

The cool thing about these trend are the ways you can style either your pants, skirt, shorts. Either tie it with a scarf, your husband/friend/dad/brother tie. Belt –duh– I don’t know GET CREATIVE!


How to Style the PAPER BAG WAIST?

Well, I’m going to assume that you already know the type of body you have. Are you an Y, X, S, V? Apple or Pear?

The point is and it always will be to Make your body look as proportionate as possible in other words an X shape or Hourglass.

Marissa Webb 

Take the ruffles scaling your arms. The high-waisted paper bag style of the leather pants and skirt. Pairing it with a delicate pair of sandals. That’s the “Modern New York woman”


Resort 2017. Traditional florals and Japanese wallpaper. Graphic Shapes and Volumes.

 Stella McCartney

Spring 2017 Ready to Wear. Compensating volume, she added to the rounded shoulders of jackets.  In the generous proportions of her paper bag–waist trousers. Read more HERE

Soooo, What do you think about this trend? LOVE IT or what?

Stella McCartney