Where do pompom’s come from & How to wear Pompon’s.

When your clothes has more balls than______(you can fil in the gap if you want).

We have seen this trend for quite some time.

But where is this trend and where are these cute little details really coming from?

According to the Chicago Fashion History 1865-1945.

The pon pon was an inexpensive detail, during the Depression. When Americans where short on cash, but long in creativity.

Made out of yarn leftover from knitting projects, adornig women’s jackets and blouses.

It’s said that the word “pompom” , was originated from the French word “pompón” during the 18th century.


Where and why pompoms were worn?

  • On the battlefield, pompoms also have great significance.
  • In South America it’s a sign of the marital status.
  • Part of the traditional dress in Scotland.
  • Traditional Peruvian dress form men and women.

And the list go and on and on.

No doubt this is a fun trend.


Purses, socks, hats, dresses. You name it, you will have it.

Or you can always DO IT a la DIY.

The sartorial equivalent of Summer and (Xmas) –say whaaat?–

Wether you like it or not. I kid you not, you will end up loving it.

For me, it’s quite dificult to choose between all of them.

Perhaps it’s the fact that it gives to the outfit a reflaxing, girly and why not fun.

Let’s recap… Fashion is a way of expression….

How you feel,  Who you are.  Even who you pretend to be on any given day.


My Stylosophy Look

If this trend has some sort of, fun and girly essence, That’s definately my jam!

This day I was feeling fun, light (because I didn’t escape any of my 7 days workout) fresh, girly and hungry (if that counts).

Anyways, Very versatile Zara pants  which can be easily wear in the city, beach, or Sunday brunch. Pj’s too? Mmmmh why not.

So, what you girls/boys think about this look/trend.