When traveling to London….Don’t forget to pack these two items.

Long Story Short….

Nothing better that your name on a ticket for a LONG VACATION trip.

The truth is:

  1. No, We don’t like the packing process.
  2. Yes, we would love to take all our wardrobe with us.
  3. Yes please!! We already want to be there (wherever your destination is)

And as I always say… if I’m going to do something I’ll do it right or nothing at all.

London-LondonEye-LondonLook-LondonVacay-LondonSummer2017-WhatToWearInLondon-PersonalStyle-MyStylosophy-KarlaVargasWhen it comes to packing I become a freak!

Steps for packing

  1.  How many days I’m going to be out.
  2. How many days in each place.
  3. Check the weather channel according to each city.
  4. Organize looks (so you don’t waist time once you are in vacation mood). Yes, Take 2 or 3 more options.
  5. Leave some extra space. — Of course you are going to do some shopping– an empty backpack.
  6.  Please, follow your GUT!!



Spending 22 pounds on this is NOT worth it.

Long story short…

Before heading out from San Diego,

I weighed my suitcases once more. And it was perfect, but somehow I thought to myself.– “I’m going to leave the umbrella. I do not think some rain will bother me” —

I thought of the umbrella all the way from the apartment till I was in San Diego airport which is like 5 min. 😹

First day in London.

Bloody rain!!! Way to much!!

Yes,  I HAD to buy a 22 pound ugly, basic, umbrella.

Lucky me, I did pack my Trench coat.

Facts for traveling

  1. You always learn something.
  2. I never ever do backpacking  like I did in India.
  3. Don’t forget your eye treatment –For those bags under your eyes, like mine–

Now you know, when visiting London. First thing to pack….

Trench coat and umbrella.