Why you need your high waisted jeans back on the road

High waisted jeans and pumps

High waisted jeans and pumps

High waisted jeans

I couldn’t be happier about having them back. What? Why?

I still remember the day when low waist jeans attacked my wardrobe. My mom hated those pants! I was in middle school, damn Britney Spears and her “Oops! I did it again”.  Those were great times but, Dear “longita” I don’t miss you at all. This is the reason why I’m thankful that the high waisted jeans made their comeback.  As a woman, we want our body parts to remain in their place for many many years… Am i right?

Healthy diet

It’s important to mention that a healthy diet and a dose of exercise would attribute to this. My “to go” shoes are and always will be the “classic pump” just because to me, the stylized female figure is a very sophisticated way whether wearing a dress, skirt or jeans. So, what do you think. To love or hate high waisted jeans? That’t the question.   High waisted jeans and pumps

Great deals to keep our love handles in place 🙊

  High waisted jeans and pumps

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  High waisted jeans and pumps

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