Understanding how we feel. 

Zenta, your personalized coach for body & mind… Also:

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  1. Distractions: Be present when you need to be. Customize your important notifications.
  2. Sleep monitor: Correlates your sleep quality with your heart rate. Movement and noise detection.
  3. Activity tracking: Monitors your steps. Physical activity affects your overall emotions state.

Last but not least. A feature that really excites me….

Emotion tracking. 

An accessory that helps you understand how you feel. This device collects physiological cues such as:

  1.  Heart rate.
  2.  Electro-termal activity.
  3. Respiration & blood oxygen levels.

All this data is sent to your phone to provide personalized and actionable insights.

  • Zenta can help you understand when and why you are happy.
  • Learn to manage your stress and be more productive.
  • Train your body and train your brain to focus on the important things.

The algorithm 

Get used to your behavior. Around that, build a profile over time. To help you understand your emotional wellbeing.

Mindfulness & Breathing

Additional features like:

  1. Interact with devices in your home such as light and electricity in your house.
  2. Fertility tracking
  3.  It shows you how physical space make you feel

I personally have the iWatch. But I would not mind having Zenta too.


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So, what you think? Go ahead and google about Zenta to know more