Shopping Guide for my Husband

Shopping is one of the things I enjoy the most, as long as I go by myself, my sisters/mom or my best friend— Never ever with Ricardo!  Ricardo hates shopping and I really don’t like the feeling of forcing someone to do something they really don’t enjoy —at all—Just seeing his desperate face makes me feel really REALLY bad.  So, the reason I don’t like to go shopping with Ricardo is for the one and simple reason that “I LOVE HIM SO DAMN MUCH” —period— Even though I’m shopping for Ricardo, I like to go by myself. Because surprisingly enough, he never needs anything! —I wish I could say that once in my life— MenStyle-man-manstyle-menstyle2017-menfashion2017

Man styles

My man style, —Long story short—, I met Ricardo with an “I don’t care kind of style” Something like this… Sneakers all day, every day, t-shirt with names of DJ’s and ripped True Religion jeans —yep, every day— 👇🏻 Then he jumped to scrubs every day — due to his job—

A Good Pair of shoes for him


His style at a normal Dental clinic


Nice leather Belt



His Style when hi used to work at Facebook as a Dentist

 Ties in Style

My man changed his Style

Oh surprise!!! He asked me to help him to change his Style. Hooray! —I felt like I won the jackpot—   When we went to Italy, he was all into the Italian style and we bought a good amount of dress pants, shoes, dress shirt and ties. He wanted to give away all his clothes and start over again.  I can tell —without him telling me anything— that he feels comfortable and sure with his style. And last but not least goes according to his profession. MenStyle-man-manstyle-menstyle2017-menfashion2017

Jacket Style

We still have a lot to fill in his closet. This is the reason why I decided to go shopping for him.  It’s just a matter of saying yes and no to the pieces I chose for him.  It couldn’t be easier for him. —Am I right?— I have to mention My husband does not like to spend a lot of money on clothes. So I choose both Good Price & Style.

Dress Pants