The five figure boots we all want

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen  these killer boots many times. Those Yves Saint Laurent Boots are A-MA-ZINGGGG!

But for those who know me well, they know I’m not into sparkly / embellished things. I certainly wouldn’t mind having these pair of boots in my closet.

FYI  speaking of sparkle and embellishment.

Hold on tight! 🙅🏻Because sparkle and sequins are coming back stronger this coming season.

Spring 2018  will be as shiny as a diamond!!



Image source Sleek-mag

Yves Saint Laurent Boots

Those boots are to have them as part of a collection.  And to pass them from generation to generation. Am I right?

 Slouch boots

Nothing says more Fall than a perfect pair of boots. As a shoe lover, shoe collector or whatever you want to call yourself.

I know for fact that you already did some boot shopping. The so needed Over the knee boots, combat boots, sock boots which you can see more here. One thing is to make sure to include a pair of Slouch Boots in your closet.

Here a few selections for this style of Slocuh boot.



1.- 30% OFF HERE

2.- Stilleto boots less that $50.00 HERE 

3.- Steve Madden Boots HERE

4.- Red boot HERE

5.- Steve Madden Boots Less than $180.00 HERE

Slouch Boots

Give me a 70’s vibe ✌🏼. Don’t you think?


6.- Camel Boots less that  $100.00 HERE

7.- Over the knee Slouch Boots less than $80.00 HERE 

8.- Black slouch Boots less that $70.00 HERE 


So, tell me?

 Would you pay $10,000 dollars for these pair of Yves Saint Laurent Boots? 💸