Plastic trend for this Spring 2018

—Ah 😪 (sigh)— How to forget the 90’s trend that made so many of us really happy. 90’s Pvc trend —just to refresh your mind— If you had one of these plastic see through back packs or any of those inflatable couches in your teen’s, then let me tell you something honey,  YES! you are a 90’s babe.

PVC trend

I’m not surprised to see this Spring Summer season with PVC garments everywhere.  We’ve been seeing this trend since a few seasons back. Remenber: Yves Saint Laurent Autumn Winter 2017. Lanvin Chloé. Quite frankly, I found myself wondering,  how would it be to wear a pvc, vinyl —or whatever you what to call it—coat in Southern California.  I do have a few vinyl garments but I mostly wear them in Autumn or Winter.

How to wear the Plastic trend this Spring Summer 2018

If you are already in love with this trend and you want to go ALL IN with this, here some of my favorites.

Plastic Coats and Skirts

Plastic Shoes


If you are still thinking about this trend and your not 100% sure about it, you can start slowly but surely. Adding one by one PVC accessory to your outfit.  My favorite? Plastic purses or belts.

PVC Belts

PVC Bags

Curious Fashion Business fact about the Plastic / PVC  trend. If  you are like me and want to know more about this trend you may want to read this article about the business of the Plastic / Pvc / Vinyl trend 2018.

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That was a little extra insight about this trend. So if you are into this trend, don’t go crazy and choose wisely.