A Nice Pair of Shoes that Last Forever

Shoes, shoes, shoes! The weakness of every woman. I always say:

“I rather to spend a high amount on a pair of shoes that will last. That 20 bucks on something disposable”. Perhaps because it’s  the idea that I’ve always grown up. Well, not just an idea. But the way my parents taught me to make purchasing decisions.

Let me share with you some of the points you have to take into consideration when buying shoes:

Six points to consider when buying shoes.

  1. For long shoe life and better hygiene, leather shoes with leather lining are the best choice. –For the transpiration of the foot–There is also the option of shoes with vegetable leather.
  2. Take a close look at the stitches. A shoe that takes its time to make must have straight and congruent stitches.
  3. The shoe fit is one of the main things on which you have to take close attention. Don’t buy the shoe if it’s too tight or too big. The fit has to be “perfect”, this way you will avoid scratches, blisters or any other deformation that may affect your foot and toes.
  4. The sole of the shoe depends a lot, according to the type of shoe. It can be leather if it’s a dress shoe, PVC, PTU, among others.
  5. Takes a very close look at the assembly of the parts. You’re not gonna buy $300 shoes if the shoe parts look all misaligned. It is only fair to pay that amount of money  if the shoe reflects that the factory /designer took the required time and quality of materials. To charge that amount of money.
  6. Last but not least, try new shoes at noon. By then your foot and body will have spent a few hours of activity. Just to reflect the most accurate fit of the shoe.

Believe me, after you start applying these points in your decision making, your feet, your body — and your wallet — would be eternally grateful.

One Garment, 4 Ways To Wear It

The third part of “One Garment, 4 Ways To Wear It”  wearing the same snake print skirt with shoes in the same snake print. What I love about this trend is that you can take the risk of mixing the print with bright colors and same print from head to toe.

This time I went for a chic “corporate look”. So, What do you think, do you like it? yes, no?  Also, in case  you haven’t seen the other blog posts of this week’s series, here they are.

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Oh! This is what I mean when I say “Shoes that Last Forever” My dad gave me these shoes eight years ago and they’re still impeccable. I also used them in this blog post

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