Eliurpi Hats

Eliurpi hats

Eliurpi Hats

Eliurpi hats, when I discover this brand the first thing I though was… “WOW! How beautiful and iconic hats they make” It’s like the things you can inherit. –Yes! My thoughts go that far, even with things like that — Eliurpi hats are like the ones we saw in Audrey Hepburn movies, like My Fair Lady. Simply BEAUTIFUL!

Quarantine will eventually have to end –If we all STAY HOME!– The sun will come out, we’ll walk the streets, we’ll get together with friends. We’ll be able to run to the beach. Work on our tan lines and perhaps travel to that destination we have been dreaming about. I can’t believe I just wrote that, but now that is our reality. Come and dream with me… Which would be your first purchase ? and, Where would you take it? My first purchase would be THIS ONE

Girl with a hat with an island view Kauai
Kauai view
Eliurpi hats most beautiful hats for Spring Summer 2020

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