Personal Shopper

The aesthetic aspect in which a professional person presents himself in his working environment is crucial. This is a simple way to say how we perceive ourselves without having to speak. 

If you are Doctor, you run your own business or travel year round and you just don’t have the time & energy, the last thing you think about is shopping. I can go shopping for you!

Your appearance doesn’t only affect how we’re perceived by others, but how we perceive ourselves. When we look confident, we’re more likely to feel confident & sure, you need to look sharp & profesional in your area.

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Wardrobe  Organization 

If your wardrobe is a disaster, I can help you organize it.

There is nothing better than having everything in place and knowing where you have it when you need it.

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-Editorial Styling / Styling for photoshoots: Selection of clothing and accessories for published editorial features for print, web, tv.

-Brand consulting

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Fashion and Shoe Design & Consulting

With more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing and production of shoes,

I work with companies to develop shoe collections and leather goods. 

If you are a designer, boutique owner, or you’re just looking to develop a product.

I can guide you through the process and execution of your product with an effective workflow.

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