Fall 2019 Video Looks

A girl wearing combat boots

Combat Boots with a Sporty Vibe

Combat boots and this sport top was one of the first options, but only by pure accident. That, at the end I quite like it. But you can also create a more sober look with a long sleeve shirt or top. Which option do you like more.

Combat Boots & Jewel Tones

Combat Boots & this these blue pants that I made when I was in college. I can’t believe they still fit me. I also add a detail to the Combat Boots of a brooch that can also be used in high-heels shoes.




Shoe removable clips HERE

Combat Boots & Dress

Combat boots ant this khaki dress. When I bought this dress, I saw a lot of potential in it, as it can be worn perfectly in places where Winter is not so extreme as here in Southern California. 



Shoe removable clips HERE

Combat Boots & Culottes

This culottes from Massimo Dutti I bought when I went to Florence two years ago. See you can see HERE and HERE .Just one of my favorite style of trousers. Now, let me know in the comments section which is your favorite of the 4 looks.

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