This is making me hate fashion.


This is the story of how and why I started hating fashion.

Just to be clear,  and just so you know.  I still love the art of fashion, the art of creating and the fact of expressing yourself trough fashion and use your body as canvas.

This is how the story begins.

Seven years ago the word fashion, fashion design, style, product creation, and so on used to have a different meaning (at least for me).

I will mention them (and not necessarily in chronological order) but what all this really meant to me.

This is what I really LOVE about FASHION and DESIGN.


  1. The amazing feeling of seeing how from a simple idea, you can help to solve a problem and cover a need.
  2. Create and recreate.
  3. Use materials that may not be as conventional and give them a use.
  4. Use and Re-use the resources you have.

Heart and Soul

  1. The time and passion that people (workers) put into the product to come out as intended.
  2. The experience that people have gained over the time, which is super valuable —at least for me.—
  3. The fact that many people use their hands in this beautiful occupation as a source of support for their family.
  4. The multiple values that this includes… humbleness, dedication, diversity and the list can go on and on.

Social Commitment

I’ve always been a team player.

I’m a believer that, without a team it is 100% impossible to get ahead and succeed. You need different minds, skills and abilities.

I have had the commitment to offer in return what my country has given me and the way my family was able give me education me and everything that was in their  possibilities –due to hard work and consistency

 Our source of livelihood has always been the manufacture of leather products, which is why I have a very deep feeling about topic.

Needless to say, that my country is not and has not been in the best of the situations for a long time.

—Not sorry about this, but this topic definitely includes many other aspects, political, social and economic, but I’m not gonna go deep into them —

This is and has always been my commitment

  1. Create a brand of leather products, where more than 90% of the elements of the product are Mexican.
  2. Create jobs and boost the economy —with as much or as little as I can support—.
  3. To be a sustainable brand and aware of the environmental changes we are facing.
  4. To offer a dignified work area and environment.
  5. Fair Trade

You can see WHAT I MEAN … HERE

You also need to know this.

I may receive one email per month from girls who are looking for financial support to continue their studies.  And that’s one more thing I want to get involved in as a sustainable social enterprise.

  1. Increase the level of education in the girls of my country.
  2. Making fashion circular….But that’s another story for another blog post. So, wait for it!

I’m definitely not thinking of getting rich with this project. 

I just want to do what makes me happy and what my mind and conscience says is right. That in the end, this satisfaction fills me more than many other things.

This is the reason I started hating Fashion

When my sister and I started creating our brand and selling our products, the ones in the photos. 


We put our mind, heart and soul to this project. Not to mention and not because it is less important….

Our time (while we were both still studying) our “free time”, the little money we earned working and doing overtime.

Always looking for the right people to develop this product. Materials and necessary elements that will meet our expectations.

We literally worked day and night, we motivated each other in the hope of reaching our goal.

We traveled to different cities doing business in order to help the brand recognition and value. Maybe we weren’t able to prove the true value of the product, and we realized that 89% of the market was just looking for….

Now, this is the perspective that fashion gives me today. 

  1. Disposable.
  2. The cheaper the better. Never wondering the WHY of such a price. Have they already paid to the people who did this product? Under what conditions did they make it? What material is this? 
  3. Is it already in my instagram feed? I’m not wearing it anymore.
  4. Why so expensive? Never really wondering how many hours took to make the product. The quality of the materials and other aspects that we can’t see on the label.
  5. Who has the most shoes. 
  6. Buy frenetically without really needing and many times even wanting things.
  7. The lack of awareness people have about their buying behavior.
  8. If it’s plastic, where does the plastic in my packaging go, if I buy new shoes and throw away old ones. Where do the old shoes end?

When people ask me

 What happened to your shoe brand? You don’t make shoes anymore? 


My answered was… I still do, but I’m restructuring the idea and the soul of the brand.

So here it is…

I’m a transparent brand, which will tell you where each part of my product comes from, under what conditions people work, how much people earn, among others.

I am 100% aware that of the possibilities of many of us is totally different. —Not everyone can buy a 4,000 dollar handmade bag that took 80 hours to make (i.e.).–

What I just want to do is start creating that consciousness of consumption. I’m not going to change the world myself, but at least I’m doing something. I’M MAKING THE CHANGE I WANT TO SEE ❤️

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