How men really see fashion


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How men really see fashion

One of the most incredible things about the world of fashion–TO ME.–

Is the fact, that you can express who you are and how you feel in any given moment without having to speak.

Also, I  find different perspectives and opinions that people may have interesting

One of the  enjoyable parts is to see.. How men really see fashion.

What makes me talk about this…

I realized that when I asked Ricardo. The always hated question  by all men. How do I look?, Do you like this one or that one? Or even worse, Which looks better?

Bare with me

Ricardo, no matter what, Always gives me his most sincere opinion –even if he knows, I’m not going to love the answer.—

I  started to pay atention when

Karla –in  a very excite mood told Ricardo–

HONEY! How incredible are these heels?  I LOOOVE THEM!

Ricardo –with not much enthusiasm answered–

They look like those shoes, women with fruits on their head wear anddance like crazy people.

I mean, COME ON!!! Are you serious?

I couldn’t do anything but laugh. Here is where I emphasized my point. As much as we would love that men undertand our point of view about fashion. 99% of the time, that’s not going to happen. –At least in my case–

MY MEN point of view

  1. 99%  of men will always see a high heel as. “The shoe my girlfriend/ wife wears for 2 hours and then takes them off complaining of feet pain.”
  2. Christian louboutin shoes, are “hella expensive shoes with red soles”
  3. Chanel = expensive.
  4. Louis vuitton- tacky (everyone has the same purse)

About this look.

We were on our way to a party with some of our friends. But I had to take some pictures for the blog.

Like I say, as much as Ricardo can’t “understand” my point of view about fashion. I can tell that he loves what I do, and some how he enjoys sharing this passion with me.

That’s the beauty of  HOW MY MEN SEE FASHION.


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