One more reason

Baby on board picture

One more reason 

One more reason to keep working on my sustainable journey. One more reason to keep fighting for what I believe. One of the biggest reasons why this makes even more sense than ever before.

Bringing life to this world!

I honestly never believed I would be capable of this. I was always the happy person seeing how people became parents and had new family members. Loving and caring for my nephews and family in general. But I never saw myself being the one carrying another human being inside of me. I still can’t believe it while typing these words!

I remember at a certain time, I mentioned that I was seriously thinking about the fact that I might never become a mom. Seeing all the things happening in the world, racism, injustice, damage to the planet and zero action from those in “charge”. I was honestly losing faith in humanity (even more in 2020) and I thought it was unfair to bring an innocent life into this world .  It honestly got to that point.

I CAN’T!… Sit and Wait

Over time I have learned that I can’t sit and wait to see the change I want to see. Better yet, I have to be the change I want to see in the world. 

Working towards a more sustainable lifestyle it’s not just a movement, it’s a culture, a change of behavior and awareness about our own actions. It’s not just being able to buy a $600.00 pair of sneakers, just because they’re sustainable. As a matter of fact, sustainability shouldn’t be about the economical power people may or may not have. Being sustainable is something we all can achieve, and it all starts at home and with oneself.

As I mentioned before, I am very… VERY excited about this new chapter in my life.  And of course a little nervous, but I am more motivated than ever before.

So, please please keep following along with me.  I think those morning sickness days (better said.. ALL DAY SICKNESS) have gone and I will be able to continue working on the blog and creating more content. 

I’m so so exited and happy.

Baby on board picture

This is one more reason for me, what’s yours.

Besos, Karla

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