When your swimwear is a keeper.

Black swimwear

This year has flown by, just as I tried to write this blog post almost 1 month ago. I’ve been a very bad person with my blog.

Anyway, still rainy season in San Diego, the very first rainy season here since I moved to the USA. I can’t and I won’t complain about the rain like everyone else. San Diego looks absolutely beautiful! Greener than ever! Which also means this hot Summer will probably be hotter than last year.

girl wearing black swimsuit in a beautiful beach.

Spring Break or Weekend Get Away

Spring and warmer days ahead. Because no matter how busy life is, we always try to find a day or a moment of the day to escape to the beach (if it is the case that you live in a place where the beach is minutes away). So, ? to that.

My Stylosophy

By this time (I hope!) you may already know My philosophy. As a fashion blogger and as a forever lover for this art, you can read what I mean about that HERE

I advocate for a more sustainable fashion industry and my main goal is to become more conscious about my purchasing behavior. Teach my readers and audience that there’s no need to become frenetic consumers. By being selective, buy less, second hand, extend the life of the products you already have.

We can always look great with what we have, buy what we REALLY LOVE and always keep our personal style by being more aware about it. It’s just a matter of being creative.

Just a reminder, I always try to recommend products that for my personal opinion will last a long time, as long as they get proper care.

Girl wearing black swimwear spring 2109

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