Sustainable & Conscious Brands Worth Giving these Holidays

Girls in Kauai wearing summersalt swimsuit

Sustainable & Conscious Brands Worth Giving these Holidays

Sustainable brands that are worth giving this Holliday season. With the end of the year approaching we may get to feel overwhelmed.  Depending on the cultura behaviors you have, according to your country, religion, beliefs etc.  In my case, being Mexican and coming from a country where we even celebrate Death. 

I think that the core purpose of every celebration is to celebrate life, family, love and try to find any “excuse” to get together.

This what we do in Mexico 

In Mexico we have this celebration where we asked the members of the family if they would like to be part of this type of “raffle” a gift raffle

This is how it works: 1.- We put the names of the people who wants to be part of the raffle in a jar or a cup. 2.- We mix all the names and then one by one is taking out a little piece of paper. In where the name of the person you have to give the gift is written. All this gift raffle has to be Christmas Day.  

An important point is that. This gift has to be something that the person really likes, that means something to her or hi. Even if you don’t know the person you might as well investigate the the tastes and interests of the person. The point is to give something meaningful  and not “JUST BECAUSE I HAVE TO”

This is why I decide to share with you some of my Sustainable Brands and a few of my favorites I’ve known so far.


Veja is a brand I found in 2016, one of the most important points for me was that they “manufacture sneakers with a difference” —you know I’m in love with the production and manufacture of products— you can read HERE.

But that wasn’t the only point I found important about VEJA . VEJA is one of the most transparent brands I’ve ever known.  They show you the conditions under which the people who produce their sneakers work, they track their leather to make sure it doesn’t come from the Amazon nor from an area that was deforested for cattle farming purposes —we are talking about blockchain here, you can see VIDEO HERE —.

The C.W.L  a vegan and bio-sourced material offering an alternative to leather for both smoothness and ecological commitment. C.W.L is made out of corn waste. It is developed by an Italian company and is made from a coated canvas composed of 50% corn waste and polyurethane.

Source VEJA

I haven’t had the opportunity to buy some VEJA, but I know I’m going to ask Santa😋🎅🏻


Summersalt is a brand  I discovered late this summer when I was preparing my trip to Kauai. I found very interesting the way brand present their  product on the website, showing the fit in different existing body silhouettes. Plus the fact that they use Recycled Materials.  Last but not least they took over 1.5 million body measurements from 10,000 women to inform the fit the women who wear Summersalt.

What is your commitment to sustainability?

“There are two things at the root of everything we do: Our customers, and our planet. We believe that the companies of the future must have sustainability at the core of their business model to make a lasting impact and do right by the environment. 


Swimwear: Our swimwear is made of a super compressive, luxurious fabric crafted from 78% Recycled Polyamide. These fabrics are crafted from recycled plastics, post-consumer materials and nylon waste—like old fishing nets—that are literally pulled from our oceans.”



Ganni is a brand based in Copenhagen, owned and run since 2009 by husband and wife team creative director DITTE REFFSTRUP and founder NICOLAJ REFFSTRUP.

One of the important things that stood out about this brand is that the founder comment:

“At GANNI, we recognise that current fashion production can never be 100% sustainable. We know we’re not perfect, but we want to be honest with you about how we are working towards reducing the footprint we leave behind.In our commitment to the planet, we’ve signed up to a more sustainable future with the help of the UN Global Compact and published our 2018 Sustainability Report.”


I love the style and the silhouettes that each garment. In addition to that,  in my personal opinion, these garments are pieces that will remain in our wardrobe for many years, if we take good care of them.

Well, now you know. Now you have some sustainable options to give these holidays. I’d like to know the sustainable movements these brands are making in the Fashion Industry.

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