The Art of Shoe Making


Shoes are one of the best accessories of every woman. Sometimes can be quite expensiveexotic, different, some more confortable that others. But if you are passionate about it and you know the art of shoe making you’ll get a broader idea of all the work involved when creating shoes. This might help you understand a little bit of the  process of shoe making. Perhaps also be able to understand and analyze why the price of them.

What do you need to make shoes?

1.- You may have an IDEA and INSPIRATION or there is a SPECIFIC TREND on which you want to develop the product.

2.- From there you can start Sketching. –Your imagination is the limit–

4.- By this time you may already have the complete collection. –This part can take days, weeks even longer–.

5.- Okay, let’s take a quick step, you’ve already decided which designs you want to bring to real life.

6.-Maybe you also want to develop your own textiles or an specific leather color.? Or simply work on what already exists in the market.

7.-If you want to go really big and you want to design your shoe soul from scratch. You can definitely do that, too.

8.- Don’t forget that if you want to create the shoe from scratch. You will have to design the heel, the plant, the sole, etc. Which involves contacting suppliers who can develop the sample and once the sample is defined with the required performance, comes the production. This is one of the most exciting parts for me.


Half process of the Shoe Making

Let’s say that  by now, you have the shoe last, the sole and the heel, and of course! the designs that will be in the collection.

9.- Draw the shoe in the last in order to make the patterns with the required specifications for the shoe production.

10.-Ones  you have the patters, it’s time to make a sample

11.- Cut the patterns in the leather or textile you want.

shoe leather

12.- Sew, assemble, plant, soles–depending on the termination you want–, heels and try on.

13.-  The fit was right? If so, congratulations!…. If not it’s time to, maybe change, rotate or give more space to a peace (pattern).  

Maybe the material you chose wasn’t the right one for that design. Who knows?  A lot of times its trial and error.

The most important thing.

For me, one of the most important things that are required when you want to develop a product. Is to find a skilled workforce with the background and experience  needed in order to  develop these type of products. 

Always Something to Improve, Change

There will always be something to improve or master when it comes to product development. Maybe little by little you want to add a detail such as the box, the brand, the packaging, branding, etc.

As I said at the beginning, this is just a very broad idea of what it takes to make a leather product, either shoes, bags, clothes etc.

Starting your own Shoe Brand

If you are looking to develop  a product, shoe, bag, accessory, send me an email.  And I can contact you with people capable of bringing your project to real life.


And as always, I’d like to hear your comments. 

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