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The Capture Club

We talk about sustainability and climate change. We try to inform ourselves about what kinds of changes we can make in our daily lives in order to reduce our negative environmental impact in the in the world. But we don’t talk  much about our climate footprint from daily mobility choices.

I find this information very relevant (apart from interesting) and I thought I’d share that with you. This application helps you keep track of your climate foot print from daily mobility choices.

I think it’s pretty fascinating that now a days we can count with these kind of tools in order to be more aware of our environmental impact. I believe that if we become more aware of it, we can start making different decisions with the aim to help reduce CO2  impact.

I’ll give you a super simple example that maybe a lot of us haven’t even thought about.

When we shop online, 99% of us go crazy about the things we put in our shopping cart. Ordering things that we’re 90% sure may not fit us, but that’s “OK” because “WE CAN RETURN THEM” FYI…..

“Shoppers return 5 to 10 percent of what they purchase in stores but 15 to 40 percent of what they buy online,” David Sobie, co-founder and CEO of Happy Returns told CNBC.

Source CNBC

But, let’s not go too far, the simple decision of saying “I’ll walk to the store which is 10 min walking distance from here and I won’t take the car to get there” 

No matter how much of a green lifestyle we strive to lead, most of us emit CO2 from mobility choices – Capture helps you remove it.


Capture was born from the Antler incubator program in Singapore, and the team is growing rapidly!

What difference can one person make?

The wealthiest 10% of the world’s population are responsible for 49% of world CO2 emissions (Oxfam, 2015). Capture is designed with that 10% in mind. We created our app to help the largest-impact individuals increase awareness of their emissions, reduce and offset them. It can be frustrating and lonely trying to do your bit for the environment surrounded by those who don’t always share your concern… with Capture, we hope you’ll enjoy joining forces with other carbon-conscious Capturers around the world and see the power of collective action.


How does it work?

Capture predicts your carbon footprint using GPS information, to help predict you daily modes of travel, then the equivalent CO2 emissions.


How accurate is Capture?

Capture predicts your carbon footprint using GPS information to help predict you daily modes of travel, then the equivalent CO2 emissions. Estimations are based on research by scientists and advisors at Capture backed by data from IPCC and UNFCCC.  We will also be adding future features to help us increase the accuracy of the emission calculations (for example, asking for the model of your car). 


Download The Capture Club App

1.- Download the app.

2.-Select the journey mode you use most frequently.

3.-Select the journey time, average if how much time per day you spend traveling.

4.-How many flight do you take each year. 

5.- Your food, how would you best describe your diet.

According to the information that you insert the app will show your average monthly footprint. Then you can star adding your daily journey time either is by car, bus, train, carpool, plain and so on. I always say we have to star somewhere, small changes can make the difference if we all contribute. Reas more about it HERE

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