I’ve been  wanting to talk to you for a while about this technology.

Finally here it is.

The first time I read about this Technology, I was like HOLY **IT!! (literally)

This is something else!!!

We know that the future is here, we are living it and we are part of it.

We believe technology IS magic. Our vision is to change the world through intelligent material made simple, captivating complicated science into tangible applications.”

What exactly is THEUNSEEN 

Imagine a textile that can speak for you. A garment  which can reflect your mood without you having to say or do something.

Materials that respond to your indivudial needs.

“There is something more magical in fabrics than just the stuff we buy in different conferences and stores “


“As the wind hits you, the color starts to pop up”

Make’s you aware of the realities around you, that the one’s you really see.

The jacket changes throughout the year


Green in Spring, red Summer to Autumn, blue during Winter.


This colaboration with Swarovski.

Depending on the area of the brain where it is placed, it shows different color fluctuations.


Because they chose the stones in such a delicate way. The amount of magnesium and aluminum that these stones contained. That stone is a heat conductor. You get the differnet color fluctuations across the head.

Lauren Bowker 

Materials Alchemist & Founder

Printed textiles at the Royal College of Art London.

Creating several additional color-changing inks. Portrayed through provoking pieces shot by Tim Walker and modelled by Kate Moss. Alongside innovation and experience consultants for automotive, healthcare, textiles and couture.

See more about her work here.

THEUNSEEN collection

Last but not least


Watch the world’s first color changing hair dye HERE 

“Inspired by occult glamour – a spell cast on somebody to make them see something the spell-caster wishes them to see, T H E U N S E E N have developed the world’s first color changing hair dye”



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