Wear Your Last Years Christmas Look

multiple ways to wear a sequin dress

Sequin Dress

This sequin dress I wore last year during Christmas has been a win win. By that I mean that even though is quite a statement piece. It’s been really versatile; I’ve used it for weddings, dinners, engagement parties even my sisters they’ve wore it.

Sequin Dress & Gray Coat

Like I mention in the video, last year I wore the sequin dress with a turtle neck top and over the knee black boots. This time I just decided to put on a gray coat, black pumps and black gloves. I think this look it’s pretty convenient for So Cal. weather. When it’s not to cold and not hot either.

I can say a pretty chic look! Here some similar items

Sequin Dress and Pleated Skirt

Of course, I couldn’t miss this way of wearing the sequin dress. I mean, it’s almost too obvious 🙊 (for me). Same shoes, a pair of black tights but this time going toward the pastel colors of the dress. Pistachio color pleated skirt and camel coat. Listo!

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Sequin Dress and Sweater

Now turning the dress into a skirt by just wearing a sweater, same shoes, same black tights and a blush coat. Which I’ve used HERE

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Sequin Dress and Trousers.

I firmly believe that having a pair of black trousers is part of our closet basics, whether in cigarette or elephant leg cut. I think I went a little crazy with this one but at the end it work out well.

The dress is not that long and the cut that have waist-high was perfect to create a more hourglass shape. I think this was my favorite. Which was yours?

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