Wide-leg Pants Stay at Home Looks

wearing wide leg pants while staying at home

Wide-leg Pants Stay at Home Looks

Wide-leg pants might be the salvation from your sweatpants or yoga pants. We can leave them aside for a while but can always come back to them. Meanwhile, we can refresh our look a little with a pair of wide-leg pants just as comfortable as a sweatpants.

Long story short, the other day, someone texted me on Instagram telling me that they “missed my outfit ideas and the energy I represent”. That day I changed my workout clothes for these wide-leg pants and YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE IT! My attitude and energy changed completely. It’s true! I always like to say “Fashion is a way to represent how you feel that day & a way to express yourself” Although we’re all going through this & many other things that add up to this situation, it’s not a bad idea to help ourselves a little bit more.

Other ways to style a scarf. You can look HERE

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Styling wide-led pants and a scarf as a top

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