Beachwear Looks While We Stay at Home

Woman wearing a triangl bikini and high waisted black trousers

Beachwear Looks While We Stay at Home

For many of us, Beachwear is our favorite clothing styles, especially if you live blocks away from the beach (and eve if we don’t.) I personally think that summer brings so much happiness and joy, even to people who can’t stand the sun (I’m talking about Ricardo). Perhaps because warmer days means, getting together with friends, borrowing some of your friends pools (maybe your in-laws pool 🤪), walks on the beach, hanging out in a restaurant/ bar with ocean view, tan lines and if we get lucky, perhaps a trip to some tropical city.

Quarantine without a doubt has given me so much time to think about the things that really matter. Time to find inspiration, time to create, time to be with my husband and with myself. I’m not planning to make this post super long, but while we are here let’s dance, sing, jump, dream, work for that dream and WHY NOT? Wear your beachwear while we stay home. Who’s with me!?

You can see how to style the same skirt HERE

Woman wearing yellow trousers, green bikini top, pink blazer while looking at the window

woman reading a book wearing purple crochet skirt and white swimsuit

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