Big Magic




Big magic is within you and within me.

NO!!! —Seriously, what’s  “Big Magic”… Ok, first things first.

The moment I saw this book, I was hooked. Maybe because I’m trying to find it’s secret? Maybe, because I don’t believe in it?

I’m just going to say it straight forward.

To me,  it is the celebration of creative life.  I know for a fact that all of us are creative in our own way.

Elizabeth Gilbert ( you know her, right? ) If not, let me ask you something? Did you read Eat, Pray, Love? Or maybe you watch the movie? —Yes, you did!!—

I can say without the fear of being wrong that Elizabeth puts in words many of the  thoughts, doubts and fears that many of us have ( as creative people).  One, two, five, a million times we’ve thought.

This book is a really straight forward talk, no BS. —I love that—

Big Magic calls all the people who are inclined or have the desire to keep pushing on “that” (passion) to start and make time to start those singing classes, painting, writing, sculpturing, designing, blogging — Well, you get the point right?—

Speaking about me.

On many occasions I have thought,  “Is this blog really worth it?”

“Am I wasting my time?” “Do you think someone will read my articles?” “Do you think anyone cares about what I have to say?”

DAAAMN! I could not be more judgmental with myself! WTHeck Karla!

This book arrived at the right time. Just like BIG MAGIC

These were the words I needed to hear.

—Not words form my Husband, Sometimes we think that the people who love us, just tell us the things we want to hear. I confess, that’s a very stupid way of thinking—

This book was like a slap in the face that made me wake up. That helped me realize “If this makes me happy. Why not do it?!”

I may not be the most fashion expert, or do not have the best knowledge about fashion in technology. I don’t have the best wardrobe and I’m not photogenic. Last but not least my written English is not either. But I do all of this with so much LOVE and passion.

That is reflected in my attitude and my desire to live every day  much more intense.

And for me, that’s BIG MAGIC.

Give it a try. Kid you not, you will find many words you may need to hear. Here’s the link to the book.

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