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I got to be honest, to me this is an extraordinary technology.

Some of you may or may not know about my history/life on the shoe fabrication and production.

A passion that something can be a nightmare.

Imagine, the fact that as a shoe designer, on your mind you are building a great project, with beautiful leathers, colors, texture and on and on. The most amazing collection you have ever create.

All of the sudden your bubble despairs when your providers says… Oh! but we can’t make that color. The leather you want is not the thickness you need.

Last but not least. Ok, we can do that, but —Damn “but” here we go— we need a minimum  of 10,000 dm. Wa wa wa —all of the sudden, you just want to forget about that project, right?— Good news, the future is here!!!

What is Modern Meadow?

A biotech start up, that is trying to bio-fabricate leather in a Lab environment.

Which means “Create leather which is a 100% natural without humming any animals” says Annelie Koller, Senior Design Research.

A raw material where the use of an animal is not primarily required to produce it. —Let me  tell you something, this is pretty awesome—

Who is doing this?

Designer, scientist & engineers. People who is constantly working on making changes in the world and to see this future to be  touch and ready to use.

Thinking about the design, the products and bring the material to the market.


How those that work?

By using living cells to grow nature’s materials. They made real biological leather from a process entirely free of animals.

Scientist working with  designers, in where they both are working on designing the cells that will become the colony which eventually become leather.

Creating  categories of leathers, create a new leather texture or new leather structure.

Optimizing collagen production. The protein which leather is basically made.

Who is the founder?

Andras is co-founder and CEO of Modern Meadow.

Andras also co-founded Organovo (NYSE: ONVO), which commercialized 3D bioprinting to create human tissues for pharmaceutical research and medical applications.

Creative Officer

Suzanne Lee.

Chief creative officer, with more than 20 years of experience in design research. The pioneer of start growing and proponent of biotechnology in textiles. She started growing microbial materials in 2003 and went on to establish Biocouture the first biocreative consultancy.


Perks of Biofabrication

1.-’Tunable’ leathers that are lighter, stronger, thinner, translucent or with unique new textures.

2.-Leather materials produced in precise sizes and shapes.

3.-Animal-friendly leather. Drastically reduced land, water, energy, and chemicals. Our pure collagen materials require minimal tanning in an efficient closed-loop system.

So, what do you think about this. Am I the only one interested about this technology? I don’t think so.

If you guys know about new technologies on fashion. Please do let me know. This is an interesting topic for me.

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