What to Wear When is Not to Hot nor Yet Cold?


What to Wear When is Not to Hot nor Yet Cold?

I’m 99% sure this has happened to you at least once in your life. When you see through the window and the sky looks cloudy and appears to be a very cold day (it never cross your  mind  to check out the weather online). You put on your favorite cozy sweater and you’re ready to go.

You walk out of your house and when you least realize is WAY TO HOT!!! –for the sweater you’re wearing.– You have no choice but  take it off and carry it around.

Well, this information might help the next time you’re looking for a sweater. By then you’ll know that you can wear one type of sweater for the cold and another for the sweater not-so-cold.

Not because it’s a sweater means it’s just for cold.

Not all sweaters are for the cold. And I didn’t know that until I wore the wrong sweater on days with temperatures of 8 degrees Celsius. My mom taught me, the big differences it makes if you read the fibers composition.

When you look at  the material composition of a sweater (or any other type of garment). If you read it!! CONGRATULATIONS  if not, I recommend you start doing it.

WHY?….. I think it’s only fair that you know what you’re investing your money in.

Sweater  for Chill Days:

    • Nylon, Rayon, Polyester are synthetic materials and you can find them for a lower cost.  These are the kinds of materials that make a “not so warm” sweater.
    • Cotton and Linen is a natural fiber, and you can wear it during Spring Summer  sea breezes.
    • Blends can be a warm or cold sweater, depending on the percentage used of a natural or synthetic fiber.

Sweater for Cold Days:

  • Wool —the one that itches.–
  • Cashmere super soft that will never go out of style.

I think these two explain  by themselves. They are natural fibers that provide wonderful warmth during strong winter days. A little more expensive fiber , but it will be a product that will last forever if you know how to take care of it.

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