How to start a sustainable wardrobe?

tips to start a sustainable wardrobe

How to start a sustainable wardrobe?

As I mentioned before, sustainability is a progressive process and the process of starting a sustainable closet. Doesn’t mean that we’re going to take all the clothes we don’t use and throw it away just for the fact that a specific garment isn’t sustainable. THAT’S! the worst thing we can do.

Some of the few places we can start are:

1.-Look around your closet.

Take a look around your closet, see what you use most & what you don’t really use. Analyze the garments you love to see ourselves in and those that make you fell GREAT! Once you take a look at your closet and realize what you have, place aside the things you don’t use that much for a week or two.  Analyze whether or not you’re going to wear it.

If you are not going to wear it, you can exchange it, sell it, or give it away, but never ever throw it away.THIS IS WHERE IT WOULD BASICALLY END UP, IN A LANDFILL!— There’s always a way to give a better purpose to things, in this case clothing. Perhaps you can use an old t-shirt to use it as a a rag to clean furniture or to fill a cushion, even make it a toy for your pet.

2.-Mend our clothes.

Another important thing is to mend our clothes, for example, if you have a trouser that you absolute love, but you don’t wear it because it’s missing a button or needs a small repair. FIX IT! Also, if you have a pair of jeans you love and you’ve lost weight, consider taking it to the tailor. The main point is to keep wearing the things we already have. 

Once we reduce our closet to the garments we really REALLY USE, it’s time to fill the holes. Perhaps you’ve noticed that sometimes you find yourself wishing to have a specific garment like a white blouse or a pair of jeans in a specific color because it goes with everything? 

THOSE are the garments you really need! Now a days, It’s too easy to get distracted with all the things that are “FASHIONABLE” because all of the trend cycles and the multiple seasons that exist in the brands we like. 

3.-Aligns with your Personal Style

FOR ME, it’s crucial to see what aligns with my style, whether or not I can use it with most of the things I have in my closet and if it would make me feel good and comfortable with my personal style.

4.-Buy from New Creators and New Brands

Another thing we can do is buy from new brands, small retail stores or new designers that are sustainable and ecological.  This is the fun part where we take our phone and start investigating new brands, new creators and support these brands.

This is where we can start applying the the knowledge you’ve acquired in these videos. You can watch the Videos HERE , HERE and HERE

Focus in That Value

As I mentioned before, if your main concern is the human cause, you can look for fair trade brands and see if they’re being transparent and see that the people working for those brands are working under fair and humane conditions. You can search for the origin of the product among other things. 

Consider that these companies are making an effort in order to create a positive change in the fashion industry. If you find one, don’t hesitate in letting me know in the comments so I can know about I too. 

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