Let’s Talk about Summer Shoes, Baby!

Summer Shoe Trends 2020

Let’s Talk about Summer Shoes, Baby!

Summer shoes may be the last thing on your mind, perhaps because most of us have been wearing flip-flops, fur slides or we’ve been barefoot while we stay at home. But I’m quite sure about one thing, we all love shoes and I thought it would be a good idea to make a summary of the shoe trends for this 2020 Summer to spice things up a bit.

2020 Summer shoes are a good example of “everything in fashion returns”. Within my research, I already found a couple of shoes in my closet that align perfectly with 2020 Summer trends. You know, you can always shop your closet”first and go from there.

Minimal Heels

Minimal heels a list of spring summer 2020 shoe trends


Minimal heels literally remind me most of the shoes my mom had in her closet when I was a teenager. I even remember this was the shoe style I used when I graduated from junior high! 💁🏻‍♀️, A real comfortable pair of shoes. This is what I mean when I say that “everything in fashion returns.” This Spring Summer is bringing back this timeless shoe Style. Take a look at your closet, perhaps you already have a pair or two that can go along with this Summer shoe trend. If not, you can clink on the pink numbers to buy.

Color for your feet

Colorful shoes for Spring Summer 2020. Platforms, pumps and sandals


Colors for Spring Summer? No one even bothers to ask this question, even the streets of your city know it; trees blooming, birds chirping, the sun is shining. But since we started Spring 2020 in an unusual way, I’m hopeful that Summer will give us the opportunity to go out in the streets and wear our favorite Summer shoes ( the more colorful the better.) Take that beach trip and lye in the sand 😉( we have to be optimistic)


Spadrilles shoe trends for Spring Summer 2020


Espadrilles are an absolute classic Summer shoe style. I remember I was a little kid when I saw one of my aunts wearing a pair of espadrilles, the same style as the number 4. The good thing about this Summer shoe style is that most of them are super lightweight and the variety of colors in which we can find them. Is this your favorite Summer shoe just like mine? 😃 You can see the reference from Spring 2017 HERE


Summer Shoe Trend 2020 platforms and 70 style


Platforms, are one of my favorite shoe styles. It has so much 70’s vibe, that the only thing I think of when I wear my platforms is disco music 🕺🏻 In my personal opinion, we have to be very careful in how we pair our platforms, they can make us look very stylish, or not at all. You can take a look at THIS blog spot where I talk about Spring Summer trends.

Wedge Sandals

Summer Shoe trends 2020 wedge sandals


Wedge sandals, I have some mixed feelings about this Summer shoe style. Perhaps because it reminds me of a very specific customer age from when I used to work in shoe manufacturing 🤷🏻‍♀️. I do like number two though, I actually have a pair like these, but instead of wedge it’s a heel. Maybe this Summer I’ll give them a chance.

Quilted Shoes

Summer 2020 Shoe trend 2020, quilted shoes


Quilted shoes are a big thing right now. Especially those Bottega Veneta, that specific style looks quilted but actuallyhas a twist padded woven letter (number 3,) whereas numero 5 is quilted. When I hear about quilted summer shoe styles, the first thing that comes to mind is the 2.55 bag, the iconic Chanel quilted handbag. About the combat boots? they aren’t going anywhere! You can see HERE


Summer Shoe Trends 2020 Chain Shoes, sneakers and pumps


Chains on your shoes make them look eve better! More like a statement piece from high heels, sandals to the ugly sneakers. This Summer shoe trend is giving us a lot to choose from, I especially love number 3 and 5.

Ugly Sneakers

Ugly Sneakers Summer Shoe Trends 2020


Ugly sneakers aren’t going anywhere and this Summer, ugly sneakers are coming in vibrant and happy colors. I personally love the number one the most because the color is easy to combine but I also like number three. Do you think you can pair any of those ugly sneakers with any of THESE trends?

Flatforms Sandals


Flatform sandals or platform shoes, loved by many and hated by others. I honestly do like them. I think it’s a very fun shoe style. Very 90’s! Perhaps that’s why I like them 😉 The one thing I love most about this shoe style is that there’s plenty of sole materials, some heavier some more lightweight but that’s what makes them interesting. You can SHOP the ones I design HERE

About the Spring Summer Shoe trend summary? The main reason is to cheer up a little this times and look forward to better days, where we can actually wear our favorite pair of shoes and not only slippers while we stay home. I hope you enjoyed it! ❤️

Summer Shoe Trends Guide 2020

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