Sweater Weather Style and Plaid Blazer


Paid blazer also goes while sweater weather is here.

Plaid blazer is also a good option since the so-called sweater weather is about to arrive. Playing with  layers is always a good option for that bipolar weather we’ve seen lately.  Remove, put on , remove, put on and easily avoid dying of cold and/or heat. While you’re sitting in the office in freezing temperatures. Just to be clear, I’m speaking from my own experience ??‍♀️


What I mean by that is

It’s much easier to remove a garment than to be dying of cold. Obviously as long as it’s a light garment,  nor a blanket. One of the things I can’t avoid (whatever the season is) is adding a little color to any of my outfits and that can be for one or several reasons.

  1.  My Latin blood
  2. I’m a happy person, so I think that’s the way to express it without having to say anything.

So  I add green to this autumn look, because as we say  GREEN IS LIFE!  plaidblazer-blazer-sustainablefashion-sustainablestyle-karlavargas-fallstyle-falllook2018-mexicanblogger

plaidblazer-blazer-sustainablefashion-sustainablestyle-karlavargas-fallstyle-falllook2018-mexicanblogger Since this is the third part of the series

One garment, 4 ways…

As I mentioned before plaid blazer is a super versatile piece to play and work with.  As you could see in the previous blog posts HERE and HERE This time I decided to wear the plaid blazer with a high waist black denim jeans the same turtle neck I’m wearing HERE and a pair of black slouch boots. I also write a blog post about this —HERE’S the link if you want to read it– and that’s it.  A casual put together fall look ?

So, what do you think?

Which of the three options that go would you wear ( I really want to know)

  plaidblazer-blazer-sustainablefashion-sustainablestyle-karlavargas-fallstyle-falllook2018-mexicanblogger plaidblazer-blazer-sustainablefashion-sustainablestyle-karlavargas-fallstyle-falllook2018-mexicanblogger Besos, Karla

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