Orange Skirt…One Garment, Many Ways

Orange skirt pair with a swimwear as a top

Orange Skirt… One Garment, Many Ways

This bold orange skirt caught my eye right away! You know for me, it’s quite imposible to dress without color. For me, color is the expression of the soul, a way to express my personality without having to speak and of course a way to express my Mexican heritage. We Mexicans love to talk, dance, party with friends, make good and strong friendships, hug when we say “Hi” to some of our friends or family members and love unconditionally.

I can say all of that without having to speak. That’s precisely what I thought to myself when I saw the skirt, and since summer is just around the corner, I decided to come up with extra ways to wear it this Summer 2020.  

Watch Video HERE 👇🏻

Ways to wear an orange skirt with a swimwear as a top. SustainableStyle

Orange skirt with a white duster vest with a thong sandals.

Orange skirt with a purple top and orange pumps

You can see how I wore the Orange pumps for Winter HERE

Orange skirt pair with a mustard top and orange skirt

This is the other way I wore this Mustard Shirt HERE


Orange Skirt pair with a white top and eye cat sunglasses

You can also wear the off the shoulders top LIKE THIS

Orange skirt with a scarf as a top pair with a black sandals

Orange Skirt pair with a net top

One garment many ways to wear an orange top

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