Halter Neck Swimsuit

halter neck swimwear purple

Halter Neck Swimsuit

Halter neck swimsuit until I can’t no longer wear them. I Wearing this halter neck swimsuit until I can no longer wear them or feel uncomfortable wearing them. Maybe you’ve noticed that I love halter neck swimsuits. You can see HERE HERE or HERE Although we haven’t been able to enjoy a proper Summer, I think I’ve made the most of it whether getting a tan at the park, since they reopened them, or on the balcony of my house. 

I find halter neck swimsuits very flattering, sexy but at the same time discreet & very versatile. Even better if your vacation includes a lot of sun, sand and sea. I also think that halter neck swimsuits are very stylish pieces. For me, no matter how many trends come and go, it will always be a piece in style.


Don’t wear It! It Has the Word Sexy in It!

I grew up in a very conservative family (but not ultra conservative) and even wearing a miniskirt or dress to go out with friends was something my parents didn’t like. So I always did as they said  #respect. It was almost forbidden to visiting my grandparents wearing something above the knee. I somehow grew up thinking that feeling attractive was wrong, and the word sexy was an absolute NO.

The fact is that,  I actually had a misconception of the phrase “being sexy” —or maybe that’s what I was taught—

At the end of the day, being sexy is a highly subjective concept.

What does sexy mean to you?

For example, to me, being sexy means being aware of our body’s capacity, the richness of my mind and soul makes me feel sexy.

I even feel more sexy:

1.- I feel sexy after a good workout, when my body feels active and strong.

2.- I feel sexy when I’m walking down the street, holding my husband’s hand.

3.- I feel sexy when my hair looks good and I’m wearing a good red lipstick.

4.-I feel sexy when I’m wearing this halter neck swimsuit, because my breast are very small and you can’t see anything —basically—

The truth of the matter is that the older I get, the more comfortable I feel with my body and I LOVE IT!

Thankfully the idea of following a “beauty pattern” speaking of noses, breast sizes, hair colors, eyess, ethnicity ,etc. is not in my head anymore!

I firmly believe that when you feel comfortable in your skin, it doesn’t matter what we wear. BUUUT! If you wear something that gives you EXTRA confidence in yourself and makes you feel sexy, Well… WHY NOT?! Am’I right?

That’s why I’m wearing this halter neck swimsuit.  

Now the question is… what makes you feel sexy?

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